​​​​​​​​GLOBAL TAX CENTERS ®,  has entered into a licensing agreement with The Income Tax School ® (ITS). This enabled our organization to teach ITS tax courses in-house or online directly through The Income Tax School with ITS tax training materials, which provides basic income tax preparation education and continuing education courses.  For our inaugural tax class, we chose to have The Income Tax School train all Global Tax Centers employees, staff and Affiliate/Owner(s) through online instruction.  The Income Tax School's instructors are highly qualified to teach and trained through the same high quality tax courses.  Their instructors also prepare taxes for the general public to maintain their knowledge and skills.  This background provides for top quality income tax preparation training.  The reason for choosing The Income Tax School to provide all of our tax training needs was simple.  They have been acknowledged by the tax industry and IRS executives as the national standard for tax preparer training and was ranked #1 by Trendlists for online tax education. ITS was chosen above all U.S. tax schools to partner with a Fortune 1000 company and is referred to by them as “Best in Class.”

The Income Tax School®

The Income Tax School (ITS) is the national standard for tax preparation training and provides e-learning to tax, accounting and financial services professionals. ITS also publishes student textbooks and instructor guides for classroom instruction by firms that provide in-house tax preparation courses, as well as colleges and career schools.

ITS is certified as a private career school by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). The School currently offers more than 40 online income tax preparation training programs nationwide, ranging from 3-hour Continuing Education (CE) seminars to 30-80 hour courses, as well as the prestigious 180-hour ITS Chartered Tax Professional-CTP ® certificate program.

In addition to tax preparation training, The Income Tax School also offers a Career Center, Retreats for tax business owners and Tax Practice Management manuals to help people get into the tax preparation industry and assist those who are already in the tax business.

ITS is a comprehensive solution for all of our tax training needs. You can join the thousands of tax professionals, CPAs, tax business owners, national tax industry firms, tax service franchisors, colleges/universities and career schools that have relied on these quality tax courses for years. All tax preparation courses are developed and taught by practicing income tax pros and are written in easy-to-understand language. You will benefit from tax class authors and expert instructors who have years of real world experience working with individuals and small businesses on a daily basis. And this practical knowledge will transfer to you.

All tax classes are available online – 24/7, allowing you to work at your own pace from anywhere with internet access. And as a student of The Income Tax School, you are not in this alone! You will receive personalized instructional support and feedback, as well as access to student and instructor forums.

Once you have successfully completed the Comprehensive Income Tax Course (60 hours) of our licensed tax school, you will have the skills and knowledge required to prepare tax returns for the general public. In case you were wondering, no previous experience in tax preparation or accounting is required. It’s easy to get started today – so put yourself on the short path to earning more income with a tax education from The Income Tax School!​

In addition to tax preparation training, The Income Tax School also offers a Career Center, Retreats for tax business owners and Tax Practice Management manuals to help people get into the tax preparation industry and assist those who are already in the tax business.


ITS was originally developed in 1989 to meet the tax training needs of Peoples Income Tax, Inc. a tax preparation firm with multiple offices located in Richmond, Virginia. Charles McCabe, President and CEO of Peoples Income Tax, knew from past experience that it’s difficult to find qualified tax preparers on a seasonal basis. After working as Regional Director for a leading national firm for nearly 20 years, he knew training tax preparers in-house or “growing your own tax preparers” was the best solution. Starting in 1993 we made our tax school materials available to individuals as a way to learn taxes and to businesses as a way to train qualified tax preparers in-house.

In 2003, ITS launched its online tax school and now teaches tax education to students nationwide and beyond. Many students are beginners who are learning taxes for the first time. However, we also have EAs and CPAs that take our courses for Continuing Professional Education.

Tax Business Owners

Over the years the tax school materials have been refined and made available for individuals and businesses since 1993 as a way to learn taxes and train qualified seasonal and year-round tax preparer in-house. Why send your employees and prospects to the competition when you can train them yourself?

Income Tax School Training & Continuing Education 

Our first income tax school classes are scheduled to start October 1, 2015, and students looking to become New Tax Professionals will be able to complete the entire 60 hours of class training online at their own pace through our certified instructors.  This is perfect for people who work all day, and can't make it to a traditional night class offering 2 to 3 times per week.  


On January 18, 2013, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia enjoined the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing the regulatory requirements for registered tax return preparers.   In accordance with this order, tax return preparers covered by this program are not currently required to register with the IRS, to complete competency testing or secure continuing education. 

CPAs, attorneys, enrolled agents, enrolled retirement plan agents or enrolled actuaries are not affected the ruling for these regulatory practice requirements. 

The AFTR is merely a short federal tax refresher course for experienced tax preparers and will not enable a person who is not an experienced tax preparer to learn how to prepare income tax returns.  If you are interested in becoming a tax preparer, you should consider our Basic Comprehensive Income Tax Course.

AFTR course options are available now for the 2016 tax season. This course is not available after 12/30/2015, as the IRS completion deadline is 12/31/2015. The AFTR course will become available again in the Summer 2016, pending IRS regulations for 2017 tax season.

Start Taking Your CE Now and Be Ready for Tax Season!
Note: Any continuing education taken during 2015 will count as CE credit hours for the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

Once you’ve met all three requirements below, an  AFSP – Record of Completion will be available in your PTIN holder’s online IRS account for printing.   Any “unenrolled” preparers not already bound by Circular 230 will need to sign an agreement to follow sub-part b of Circular 230 before being able to print the AFSP – Record of Completion.

•  Renew your PTIN for 2016 — in mid-October
•  Take the appropriate amount of CE
•  Complete and pass the AFTR course/test, if required

The Income Tax School intends to be an IRS Approved Education Provider for the Annual Federal Tax Refresher course. The Annual Federal Tax Refresher course will be available for online enrollment at a competitive price.  You can count on The Income Tax School to meet all of your tax education needs.

•  Online 24/7
•  TOP Quality Tax Content
•  Instructor Support for Tax Pros
•  Money Back Guarantee


  • ​Prior Tax Professionals (18 hour Class) Continuing Education (Books & Manuals)    $89

  • New Tax Professionals (60 hour Class) Income Tax Course  (Books & Manuals)     $569


  • Tax Business Incorporation E-Book (Incorporate & Build a Financial Empire)            $100 
  • Tax Business Start-Up Manual (Guide To Start & Grow Your Tax Business)               $200 
  • Tax Business School Operating Manual (Operate Your Own Tax School)                   $247 
  • Tax Business Marketing Manual (Reach Your Target Clients)                                      $249 
  • Tax Business Office Operations Manual (Policy & Procedures)                                   $299 
  • Tax Business Personnel Manual (Training & Human Resources)                                $249 
  • Tax Business Expansion Manual (Grow Your Business)                                              $199 

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If you are interested in learning how to do taxes, interested in earning a full year's salary working 4 months, interested in leaving your current situation because you're being treated bad, or interested in a better opportunity to own your own home-based income tax preparation service, then contact us immediately @ nrcj@globaltaxcenters.com