Executive Summary

Visionary Entrepreneur, Author & Change Leadership Professional

Nathaniel R. Causley, Jr., former H&R Block District General Manager, with over 20 years of proven leadership in turning businesses around prepares to launch his newest venture as the Founder, President & CEO of a national online tax training school, and home-based income tax preparation service.  

My Story 
Education is the key to life, and outside of my parents Nathaniel R. Causley, Sr., and Hattie Causley Paulk, the foundations most responsible for my success are these two universities that I love.  I graduated from Southern University A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA in 1985 and from Drake University Law School in 1988.   During my matriculation, I forged many lasting friendships that are the backbone of my support today.

Early Career Highlights
Throughout my 20 + years in business, I have been blessed to be at the forefront of creating, developing, and growing start-up businesses.   In 1996, I co-founded Black CyberSpace Online, Inc., (Symbol: BCSOL), www.blackcyberspace.com, and helped launch the first African-American owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP) distributing Internet access in all 50 states and Canada.   I served as Sr. Vice President & COO and was able to raise $750,000 in first round capital to jump start the company's operations and build out the infrastructure.  

In 2001, I sold my interest in (BCSOL) and followed a lifelong dream to move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  While there, I launched ForeSight American & International Corporate Services, LLC, (A Brazil Joint Venture with DRS Rio Travel, LLC), to develop commercial and residential real estate in the areas of Copacabana, Lleme, Leblon, Barra da Tijuca, Quintino Bocaiuva, Piedade, and Muriqui Mangaratiba for an international clientele desiring to relocate and/or own property in Rio.  

The Tax Industry Years
In 2005, I returned to the US and became a part of H&R Block, the largest income tax preparation company in the world.   During my tenure, I developed financially successful District's and garnered many performance awards from Voorhees, NJ, Newark, NJ, and Baton Rouge, LA, and spearheaded the client experience training for the company’s first tax professional’s in  São Paulo, Brazil.  My career reached a zenith with my induction into the company’s “Top 10: Hall of Fame”, "Top 10: Ready To Work % Enrollments", and Top 10: BlockWorks 33% Goal" at the company's National Convention in Las Vegas, NV in October 2014.  

Purpose for Starting Global
The purpose for starting Global Tax Centers was more than just providing a good tax return, but providing what most client's and tax professionals crave:  fairness, honor, respect and to not be treated like a number and discarded under the buzz words of "no blame accountability" in  "doing what's in the best interest of the company and its shareholders."   

In a day and age where it seems that all companies care about is driving results to the bottom line and earnings back to the shareholders,  Global Tax Centers  was created with the understanding  that how you treat your employees and clients while making a profit is just as important as making a profit.   Also, giving back to the community where your business is located is being a good corporate citizen and "DOING THE RIGHT THING"!    

We consider employees to be our most valuable asset, largest investment, and not just a cost.  Global Tax Centers VALUES, NOT ONLY OUR CLIENTS BUT ALSO OUR EMPLOYEES, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, AFFILIATE/OWNERS AND VENDORS!  

Q: What Makes Global Different?

A: We Believe in Leading from the Front and Not the Back -  "Servant Leadership"!​​

  • We believe in paying our people well.
  • We beleive in mentoring our people.
  • We bekieve in positively challenging our people.
  • We believe in promoting our people.
  • We believe in being involved with our people.
  • We believe in appreciating our people.
  • We believe in valuing our people.
  • We believe in empowering our people.
  • We believe in trusting our people.

A: We Don't Believe in Leadership by Fear and Intimidation - "Si Semper Tyrannum"!

  • We don't believe in having your employees standing out in the elements in costumes or holding signs to attract clients.

  • We don't believe in making employees fill out bulletin boards, reports, charts, or graphs measuring the number of returns processed every hour where client's can see that they are just a number. 

  • We don't believe in spending thousands of dollars on leadership books where the focus is taken so out of context that  supervisors are more concerned with following a script than taking care of clients and completing returns. 

  • We don't believe in making employees put up lawn signs posted up and down the side of roads and highways mirroring a flea market or used car lot, and pushing managers to ignore and violate local ordinances that prohibit this type of signage.

  • We don't believe in meaningless corporate buzz words like "right size" or "super-fantastic" to convey leadership principles.

  • We don't believe in making employees sign agreements, as a condition of continuing employment, and threatening them with termination for not using the company's own products and services, i.e., forcing them to have and use the company's own debit cards; forcing them to complete their own tax return with the company; forcing them to sign 2-year noncompete agreements if they are terminated, or leave voluntarily.

  • We don't believe that the only way to profitability is by continuing to increase prices on your existing clients, and discounting prices for new clients.  

Our Most Valuable Assets
People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.   We will put CARING back into the way business is suppose to be done!  If you have been discarded, discounted, ignored, mistreated,  underappreciated,  

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of low hourly rates of pay, draws against commissions, end-of-year bonuses that you never see in your check, rude & condescending management, and everchanging certification levels reducing your compensation, then IT'S TIME TO LEAVE THE REST AND COME OVER TO THE BEST!

Contact Information
If you are interested in learning how to do taxes, interested in earning a full year's salary working 4 months, interested in leaving your current situation because you're being treated bad, or interested in a better opportunity to own your own home-based income tax preparation service, then contact us immediately @ nrcj@globaltaxcenters.com