Global Tax Centers - "Preparing Your Taxes Legally, Ethically & Morally!" TM

Company Overview
Global Tax Centers is an Income Tax Preparation, Online Income Tax Educational Training School, and Income Tax Home-Based Business Servicing Company, with an International office located in Sao Paulo, Brazil; a Midwest Regional Retail Office in Waterville, Ohio; and an Eastern Regional Retail Office in Belleville, New Jersey.  We enable people to start their own home-based, national or international (domestic/offshore) income tax preparation business, accounting, payroll & bookkeeping, incorporation services,  and income tax training school, to help client’s complete their income taxes legally, ethically and morally.  

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help families keep more of the income they earn by plugging the biggest hole in their financial bucket – taxes.  We accomplish this by educating them about taxes and helping them get the maximum refund allowed by law, or the maximum reduction towards their total tax liability through year-round planning strategies utilizing legal tax deductions and credits.  Our goal is to become the world’s largest independent provider of income tax preparation services through company Regional Retail Tax Centers and home-based, virtual Tax Professional Affiliate/Owner offices.  

What We Offer

We offer Online and Instructor Lead Basic Income Tax Training, Prior Tax Professional Continuing Education, IRS Registration: Assistance with PTIN Registration, and/or EFIN Registration, Branded Professional "In the Cloud" web-based Tax Software, (GTC Pro),  all 50 states, and back years upon request, tax preparation in English and Spanish with one touch conversion, one-on-one Tax Preparer training on GTCPro tax Preparation Software, year-round, live-person, technical support (24/7 during tax season, off-season support, back office administrative support, IRS compliance, and e-filing.

Why Choose GTCPro Tax Preparation Software

A completely web based software that is user friendly; yet provides comprehensive software for your tax office. If you are a Tax Professional on the go, or just need a tax software that is maintenance free with nothing to download.  Our product is for you! Create a multi-user office without the hassle of a server, and start growing your business today!

​​1ST YEAR FREE - Unlimited Returns (Web-Based) - 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018)

($250 Annual Fee is waived for next tax season if a minimum of 25 Returns are electronically filed through GTCPro  Tax Preparation Software in the first year.


  • Individiual Forms:1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040ES, 1040NR, 1040SS, 1040V, 1040X, 1045
  • ​Business Forms: 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 2290, 5500, 720,706, 709, 990, 8849
  • ​Prior Year Returns: 2013, 2014, 2015
  • All Individual and Business States + DC (that require tax filing)
  • Easy to use
  • Complete web based software
  • Direct input or interview input
  • Spanish language conversion
  • Import/Export returns
  • Multi-user setup
  • Bank products (Direct Deposit, Debit Cards, Audit Protection)
  • On-site check printing software
  • Debit cards
  • Free e-filing
  • Free customer support


Client Manager
Complete access manager to quickly and easily locate all information pertaining to your client's return, saving you valuable time. 

  • Personal details
  • Payment details
  • Preparer notes
  • Schedule appointments
  • Return details
  • History details
  • Return status
  • Letters

Multi-User Preparer Manager
Ability to add additional users to your tax office with tools to help customize and optimize your business.

  • Each preparer has a unique account name and password.
  • Set privileges specific to each preparer such as e-file, bank, check printing, and reports.
  • Disable account access at anytime

E-File Manager
Complete tracking system allows you to keep the most current status information during every stage of the e-file process. View status lists for:

  • All queued
  • All transmitted
  • All accepted
  • All rejected

Run your office more effectively by generating valuable reports throughout the tax season. With over 50 standard reports to choose from, you can customize them specifically to meet your needs!

  • Status and tracking
  • Yearly growth comparison
  • E-file
  • Revenue
  • Income
  • Bank

Professional Correspondence
Client Organizer
The client organizer will help better serve your clients by providing them a simple question/answer worksheet that will prepare them for their scheduled appointment. Prior year tax information is pulled forward for existing clients.

Print professional mailing labels for your client letters and marketing material. Choose from many standard client status options to generate labels fast and efficiently.

Customized/Standard Letters
Choose from several pre-written letters or compose your own client letters. Upload the company logo to give your office a professional, polished look. View

  • Cover
  • Scheduling
  • Post-season
  • Pre-season
  • Privacy notice

​​Time Management Tools
EIN and Zip Code Database
We understand how valuable your time is. These time saving auto-fill features will increase speed and accuracy to help run your tax office more efficiently!

  • EIN database stores employer identification numbers automatically upon entry.
  • Ability to customize your database anytime with an automatic add/delete option.
  • Zip code database allows quick entry of address information by auto-filling the city and state based on the zip code entered.

Prior Year Import

Seamlessly pull forward all existing client information from the prior year.

  • Choose between a standard or comprehensive rollover.
  • Depreciation is carried forward from year to year.
  • Save significant data entry time.

Appointment Scheduler

Manage and plan your time and your staff's time months in advance! View

  • Setup office hours and user availability
  • Manage days off and vacation time months in advance.
  • Schedule appointments for new and existing clients.
  • Create custom reports for specific days, months, years, etc.

Affiliate/Owner Revenue Sharing Programs
Our "best in industry", income tax preparation fee revenue sharing program with increasing commission percentages from 30% to 90% in favor of the Tax Professional based upon their total number of clients, is second to none.  More importantly, YOU control the price of the tax return!  Moreover, we offer low initial license fees & start-up costs for Tax Professionals, as well as Area Developer & Affiliate/Owner Contracts for City, County, and State Territory from $30,000 to $75,000 based upon the area's Zip Code, City, County, or State borders wherein the Area Developer & Affiliate/Owner has exclusivity to open and develop new Tax Professionals & Sub-Affiliate/Owners with Global Tax Centers. We also offer year-round/front-end commissions paid on new business Tax Professionals & Affiliate/Owners developed and offices opened.  During tax season and in the off-season, we also provide income tax preparation revenue sharing plans for Area Developer & Affiliate/Owners, i.e., passive residual override income and commissions.

Marketing Strategy & Bank Products
We offer one-on-one personal coaching, five day “boots-on-the-ground” assistance from one of our marketing coordinators, neighborhood marketing strategy and plan, demographic market analysis report, ERO competition analysis, site selection and lease negotiation, office set-up, branded and customizable marketing materials available for purchase (templates gratis), radio & TV ads can be produced, and electronic record storage.  We also offer weekly tax preparation revenue deposits, (get paid weekly vs. biweekly), income statements, 1099 issuance, bank products, check printing, and debit cards issued on-site.

The Future
Global Tax Centers is positioned to dominate the distribution of income tax preparation services to the greatly under served Main Street and un-banked market.  As an independent company, Global Tax Centers is a valuable distribution channel for the income tax preparation services industry, and we will continue to add powerful new product lines in the future, e.g., health insurance services, mortgage services, credit restoration services, bookkeeping & payroll services, ITIN & Notary services, and incorporation services.

National Expansion
Our company was founded on August 2015 in Baton Rouge, LA and incorporated on September 2015 in Carson City, NV.  Our initial group of Area Developer & Affiliate/Owners, consist of former Regional Directors, District General Managers, Tax Professionals, and Customer Service Professionals from the "Big 3" major retail tax preparation companies, e.g., H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax Service, are based in the following locations: Atlanta, GA, Baton Rouge, LA, Battle Creek, MI, Belleville, NJ, Camden, NJ, Champaign, IL, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, Detroit, MI, Flint, MI, Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO, Long Island, NY, Miami, FL, Newark, DE, Newark, NJ, New Orleans, LA, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Toledo, OH, Tulsa, OK, Tupelo, MS, Salisbury, NC, Tampa, FL, U.S. Virgin islands, Virginia Beach, VA, Waterville, OH.  

Contact Information
If you are interested in learning how to do taxes, interested in earning a full year's salary working 4 months, interested in leaving your current situation because you're being treated bad, or interested in a better opportunity to own your own home-based income tax preparation service, then contact us immediately @ nrcj@globaltaxcenters.com